The Roy Kenzie Kiyooka Foundation

The major focus of the Roy Kenzie Kiyooka Foundation will be to honor and perpetuate the spirit of Roy K Kiyooka by celebrating and honoring diversity as well as encouraging self-exploration and expression through art.

1.  Multiculturalism in Canada is the ability to grow beyond individual cultural roots while still retaining a connection to ones familial heritage. This is unique to the wealth of Canadian culture and in this delicate balancing act Roy Kiyooka’s life and work have been decidedly exemplary.

  •  The Roy Kenzie Kiyooka Foundation aims to continue on Roy’s spirit of exploring diversity through art and promoting positive reflection on our individual and shared cultures.

2.  Before the advent of the internet. Roy taught all over Canada and brought ideas from one centre to another thereby sparking and inspiring his students and colleagues to consider the wide range of attitudes and art practices which were being explored throughout the country and internationally.

  • The Roy Kenzie Kiyooka Foundation sees the importance in continuing the methods in which Roy Kiyooka taught and inspired people. Roy motivated those around him to reflect on their own lives and cultures and helped people find their inner voice which could be applied to all creative mediums.

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